NaturalDocs Utils for Robot

About NaturalDocs

NaturalDocs is a powerful open-source HTML documentation generator. It generates API documentation from comments embedded in your source code. It's language agnostic and extremely flexible. You can learn more about the tool and download it at If you're going to use NaturalDocs I highly recommend using the excellent NaturalGUI.Net graphical frontend as well, which can be downloaded from

NaturalDocs requires Perl (from ActiveState), NaturalGUI.Net requires the Microsoft .NET framework (which can be downloaded from Microsoft).


Click here to get the utilties.
The zip file contains two Perl scripts (along with ready-to-run batch file versions).
The first script, is used to prepare RRAFS commented code for ND.
The second script, is used on all other library files.
If you don't have Perl installed, you can get it from ActiveState here.


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Finally, you can join in a discussion forum about this tool by clicking here.